Scaffolding ERP Software

A complete and compact solution to follow, manage and maintain the scaffolding operations in mega construction projects.


Industry: Construction

  • Microsoft .NET
  • MVC
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Jmeter
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our Client

CTCI is a renowned name in the construction industry. The organization caters to the Middle East, Asia and America. It is headquartered in Taiwan and is one of the most reliable construction companies in the world.

The Client Challenges

As described earlier, CTCI is giant construction industry. And one of the critical aspects of the construction process is scaffolding. Scaffolding is a process that requires an ideal approach from initiation to execution.

But our client faced the following challenges;


Manual Processes

CTCI followed manual processes with minimal technology for their scaffolding processes. This was creating a hassle for the entire team. It was getting difficult to keep up with the scaffolding process with such a vast area and size of the construction work.


Language Barrier

Not everyone on the team knew Chinese. Thus, the communication between groups and hierarchies was getting time-consuming and tedious.


Lack of Uniform Scaffolding Process

Scaffolding needs a uniform process as it is a critical aspect of the construction procedure. CTCI was having trouble maintaining schedules, assigning processes, describing the type of scaffolding, and getting approvals uniformly for the scaffolding processes.


Lack of visibility

CTCI is required to deal with multiple contractors. These contractors range from electrical, mechanical, piping, insulation, etc. They need a scaffold structure to execute their activities. These contractors were facing the issues of acquiring the proper work planning visibility and progress from the scaffolding sub-contractor.

Considering all the above hurdles, ASK E Square developed automated software to provide an end-to-end solution for the scaffolding process for CTCI.

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Our Solutions


360-degree Automated Process

We designed a Scaffolding ERP solution that managed the scaffolding process, including aspects of safety, inventory, productivity, and forecasting. We understood the different hierarchies, types, & materials of scaffolding in the construction industry and then designed the most efficient software to ensure 100% efficiency.


Removal of Language Barriers

Due to regional language issues, we developed the software in Chinese and English. The regional team was trained in Chinese with the help of translators. This resulted in easy software adaptation from the ground to the upper-level staff.


Seamless Scaffolding Operations

Once our team understood the scaffolding process in detail, we ensured the process was seamless. We incorporated the techniques to request, approve, assign, plan, manage, and update the current and upcoming scaffolds. Implementing inventory management and safety processes was included to promise the most systematic solution.


Time and Resource Saving

We developed the automated system to follow the hierarchy for approvals, maintain schedules, send alerts, notify of upcoming schedules, the safety elements, and more. This process saved a considerable amount of time and resources compared to manual efforts being used.


Easy Access to Scaffolding Information

The software provided necessary information about scaffold availability, forecasting, duration of use, timely dismantling, and material inventory. This information helped all different discipline contractors to make informed decisions and plan their activities accordingly.

And Thus, the Hurdles Were Removed.

Ask E Square Business Solutions helped CTCI manage, integrate and simplify the entire scaffolding operation through automation. 

Our solutions helped the clients implement the scaffolding processes efficiently and effectively at a cost-effective rate and time.