As a Managed services partner we are reliable and can drive enterprise efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance control. We extends a complete, end-to-end spectrum of services that leverages next-generation platforms such as application management and infrastructure management.

Our managed and outsourcing services help customers reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, enhance operational efficiencies and simplify IT management.

Application Managed Services

  • Development Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Application integration

Infrastructure Managed Services

  • Cloud Services & Migration
  • IT Support
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Database Management

Key Benefits of ASK E-Square Managed Services

Productivity: Optimization for swifter outcomes

In terms of Productivity, We provide the flexibility to refocus efforts and resources to business growth. With our services, businesses and employees can concentrate on their core competencies, while still benefiting from up-to-date technologies without concern.

Agility: Precision resource allocation for business accuracy

Our business solutions streamline your hosting infrastructure and introduces an element of self-service into the mix. Instead of working with a mix of on-site and off-site elements, multiple control panels, and different teams handling each aspect of hosting, services consolidates it all in one place.

Security: Reduce risk with unified systems management by experts

Information security services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We extends your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology for 24×7 support.

Compliance: Leverage service management that meets industry standards

We offers a wide variety of tools. Some have exceptional strengths in certain areas, such as compliance and security. When making the move to the cloud, or when adding to existing cloud services, it’s important to find a provider that can build a compliance-centric cloud infrastructure.

Accountability: Utilize a single organization responsible for application delivery

ASK E-Square consider processes as a core element that positively contributes to their effectiveness, quickly assign accountability and ownership for each of their defined processes. This assignment and responsibility expects each assigned lead to periodically review their respective processes with the involved stakeholders.

Cost Reduction: Better scalability, tools and best practices

Reduced manpower, performance efficiency and capacity planning resulting in 20-25% reduction in costs.


  • Remote monitoring & management
  • Technology vigilance


  • Technology roadmap
  • Consultation based plan
  • Plan to project execution


  • Technology helpdesk
  • Network operations
  • Security, data backup and recovery