This project is developed for World Vision – a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the cause of poverty and injustice. The organization has more than 250 branches around the world.


Until this implementation, World Vision managed their real estate details with the help of Spreadsheet application. This includes managing data of 1200+ buildings as well as details of new assets being leased, purchased, any construction or disposition of existing property. As this process was performed on yearly basis, the higher authority didn’t get the actual picture of their assets and thus poor decision making on future planning was happening.


After assessing the business’s existing procedure and issues, we used SharePoint 2010 based solution. As the business requires a collaborative solution that is available worldwide, the management can view real time details of assets, make decisions whether to lease or acquire a new project. Such requirements are easily solved by SharePoint 2010. We have used the custom visual web parts for taking office level details, Document Libraries for document sharing between internal employees, Task Lists, SharePoint Groups and form-based authentication leveraging the Custom claim for better security.