With the kind of business CTCI has, Scaffolds are a very integral and important area of the business. However, its very time consuming and difficult to manage the scaffolding activities manually across the project(s).


Something new in terms of Scaffolding automation for CTCI, as traditionally they have been managing this manually with minimal use of technology. Communication challenges due to language barriers. Lack of Thorough Scaffolding process, even manually.

About CTCI Corporation (Taiwan)

CTCI is a Construction based company in Taiwan. It develops huge commercial and industrial structures across the Taiwan and is associated various other companies across the globe.

What we did

We helped CTCI redesign the process of Scaffolding.

An automated system in the form of software to follow, manage and maintain the scaffolding activities.

A lot of mutual discussion on the best ways to manage scaffolding considering the way it functions in Taiwan and hence their feasibility

ASK-EHS arranged the reference point of contact to CTCI in terms of assured quality service for Scaffolding Management Software.

Online Training(s) to CTCI personnel to train on software and its implementation.

Resulting Benefits

A uniform and well defined process of Scaffolding at CTCI

CTCI team is extremely happy having software, in terms of the time and efforts it saves in day to day life.

An easy and transparent approval process is saving lot of time and resources among teams.

Man power and Material management modules helps CTCI saves lot of costs in terms of time and material aspects

Hours and Hours spent to make reports is being replaced with real time reports, resulting to accuracy, time saved and transparency across.