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Withholding a consulting expertise of more than 20 years, ASK-Esquare staff augmentation services help you scale up your IT and technology team quickly by gaining access to talented developers with hard-to-find skills, on short notice, and with/without a long-term commitment.

  • Trusted IT consulting firm with 20 years of experience having successfully executed 200+ large size projects (each having 5000+ development hours)
  • Specialized projects executed for fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Gazprom, Expedia
  • Worked with diverse domain – Industrial safety, Finance, Occupational Health, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Government
  • Developed and implemented scalable Enterprise-grade applications having on-premise, Azure & AWS deployments
  • Managed product development and support for SaaS applications with a user-base 100000+
  • Microsoft Partner (Gold – Application Development, Silver – Collaboration and Content, Silver – Data Analytics)
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals with an expertise in solution architecture & development with Microsoft Technology Stack

As we cater to persistent industrial needs, our intent rests in providing affordable and worthy staffing services to the pertinent personnel and make the entire staffing process a rewarding one by virtue of our skills, technicalities and support powered by persistent communication.

Helping you begin with one resource and offering you the flexibility of long-term and short-term contracts, we help you migrate your resources from contractor to FTE on your payroll.

With specialized skillsets in Microsoft Technologies, our domain and project experience help you identify the scope and duration, in various positions and number of resources

We help you in –

Hiring skills in Microsoft Technology stack – .Net, SQL, Office 365, SharePoint, Power Platform, PowerBI and Azure that ranges from Junior to Architect

And offer –

Quick turnaround time and competitive costs

With ASK-Esquare Staff augmentation, you receive –

  • Flexibility in long and short-term contracts
  • Commence your projects with one resource – no lower limits of team size
  • Assistance in pre-screening that facilitates the right fit
  • Appropriate consulting that meets cost expectations and quality
  • Your team backed by our technology experts

What we Propose

We propose staff augmentation services that allow you a direct communication in control of your remote team members. Our services are designed to fill whatever specific void your businesses experience – it might be any entry-level support or one lacking executive leadership.

Hire skilled & individual/ team

Full time Dedicated Member(s)

For Remote team augmentation

Project Management handled by you

As attrition in IT sphere is inevitable, hire skills and individual teams to augment staff and maintain your projects and operations on-time.

  • Our aid and assistance in helping you hire .NET full stack developer, Front-end developer, Mobile (IOS, Android, IONIC) Developer, Database developer, Database Administrator, Cloud Solution Architect, SharePoint / O365 Developer, Power BI Developer, O365 Administrator, WordPress designer, Web Designer, QA Engineer, Automation QA Engineer
  • With a presence of in-house technology experts and teams who understand and comprehend with your projects and assist you in identifying resources’ primary skills & associated skills, years of experience & team size
  • Our recruitment teams looks after the continued screening process and interacts with the IT professionals, researches for the latest market trends, and has availability (short term-long term contractual, permanent position) for the real-time response
  • Our technical team does rigorous candidate screening process, identifies and hires qualified and relevant domain experienced candidate to match the profiles

Managed projects

Initial ramp-up by in-house technology experts & professionals

Full time Dedicated team

Project management handed over to you gradually

In the circumstances of rise in the internal management and spending that detracts time and resources from your ability to scale up, we take care of all the responsibilities throughout the development and the completion of the projects.

  • We can be trusted to hire project team to be mobilized in Microsoft technology because 20 years of journey, we have undertaken many projects ranging from 200 hours to enterprise-solution building in the various domains
  • Associated with and being a Microsoft technology partner, we are trusted by clients for successful execution of the projects that commence from consulting, development and support
  • We understand all the phases of projects – we do realize that the start of the projects remains very crucial – our core teams cater to your needs in the initial phase until we onboard dedicated teams for the projects. Plus, we do adequate knowledge transfer to hired teams and designate resources for each part of the role – that can either be a complete hand over or managed throughout.
  • We know that time and money is always a biggest measurement and part to get success in projects. Having identified the various scope, duration, along with the positions and the number of resources, we complete the projects as per the desired expectations.

Engagement with startups

Business consulting to transform your idea to market ready product

Start with minimal requirements - scope & team size

Assist in project ramp-up by in-house technology expert & professionals

Gradually increase team size (Full time Dedicated team)

Project management handed over to you gradually

For a startup, engaged workforce becomes s vital as it throttles the operational capability and maximizes the output rate – in such instances, we lend out the much-needed outlook to your startups and steer your ventures with the necessary insights and clarity.

At your initial stages, we support by giving solutions with limited scope and provide various stages to expand your business for success. Our key requisite remains that the company should have the technical strength to assist and provide consulting to the resources as a technical backup and guide through the best practices that remain important to adopt throughout the project. That includes –

  • On-demand consulting for the initial architectural design for the project
  • Performance tuning for solution/product
  • Guidance for concept-critical matters and best practices to adopt

Managed support services

Outsource Tier 1 or Tier 2 or Tier 3 or Tier 4 or All

Start with single resource to larger team

Backed by in-house technology experts

For an IT infrastructure, IT support services maintain smoother and effective operations – it includes easy response to incidents, implementation of change requests and provision of preventive monitoring.

You can –

  • Augment your IT support team with support agents, administrators and engineers for supporting certain apps and their IT processes
  • Be assured with Multi-tier incident resolution pipelines, their detailed documentation of IT infrastructure, along with their operating procedures, self-service materials for end-users, along with regular & transparent reporting
  • One should have a strong experience in supporting enterprise applications with a pool of qualified professionals – we can help and support those teams. These can be identifying those resources’ primary and associated skills with their years of experience.

Filling your talent gap

  • Fill form & discuss with our experts

    Our customer success team will meet with you to understand your talent gap. Post to that we will introduce our technical experts to understand your specific project goals, which helps you in identifying right fit.

  • Interviews & Onboarding

    You will review our suggested talent according to your preferences. If you’re happy with them, they can be onboarded to your tools, techniques, and processes.

  • Integrate with your team

    With your staff member acceptance, they’ll be ready to integrate with your team just like an remote employee.

  • Receive Ongoing support from our technical experts

    All our resources will have access to our technical experts network to resolve challenges they face

Technologies you can associate us with

From the given table, select your skill and the relevant experience – we’ll help you find the best fit!

Select Skill

Select Experience

Select Skill to display Experiance

Job Description

Select Skill and Number of years Experience to display Job description

We can help you out!

Let us take care of your -

  • Recruitment, HR, Admin, Payroll and compliances Cost
  • HR Management burden costs
  • Legal Coverage
  • Direct long term commitment in contracts
  • Business Liabilities

Connect with us for risk free -

  • Non Disclosures
  • IP Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Scale Up/Down at will
  • Track Record

What makes us different –

  • Project management consultancy (on paid basis)
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure
  • Training & Skill upgradation
  • Back up
  • Security
  • Legal Compliances
  • Bench resources
  • Night-time transport
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Snacks & Coffee


Fixed price is a kind of engagement model with predictable budgets and set timelines, which work best for short-term projects. A fixed price model is used more often while outsourcing turnkey software development, however, it remains a typical model for staff augmentation services that one can presuppose in fixed hourly rates of developers as well.

Commonly managed IT services are data backup, system management, cloud transformation, data warehouse, data storage, network security, and others. These services are used mainly by enterprises while staff augmentation is merely a body shopping approach which can be used by product development companies and very seldom by the corporations.

Staff augmentation is one of the outsourcing models. The latter is more often associated with the turnkey software development when clients hire dedicated teams, for example, to develop a software solution from end to end, following all stages of SDLC.

Time and Material is also one of the most popular outsourcing engagement models and types of payment contracts. It fits best when you know that your requirements will definitely change, and you will need regular reporting on project progress, along with wishing to balance the time spent along with the quality provided. The following model remains definitely good for the long-term projects.

At Ask Esquare, we will thoroughly screen all candidates and ensure that we only supply experts of the relevant caliber. We leverage smart and rigorous screening processes and curate best talent. In a typical Ask Esquare engagement, in almost all cases will introduce you to the candidates within 1 week.

The difference between our staff augmentation services and those provided by other out staffing companies or recruiting agencies is account management. All clients that cooperate with us get a dedicated account manager. This person responsible for creating the most comfortable environment for collaboration. He or she will always be available to solve any client issues or questions that are related to the dedicated staff or the project flow in general.

Initially, we ask our clients the following questions to better understand what they need –

  • What software products are you developing?
  • How many people are already involved in it?
  • How many people do you need to scale up?
  • What level of seniority should these specialists have?
  • What exact skills or expertise do you require?
  • Do you need a project manager?

We shall require an initial deposit of $500 that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you make a hire. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be refunded completely.

While we rigorously screen all applicants to ensure talent and intelligence, we understand that not every person will be a perfect fit for every company. For this reason, we ask our clients to interact with them before starting any work. Still, if anything comes like this we have replacement options.

If this is truly is a requirement, we can work with you to coordinate relocating individuals or teams to your locations for specified time periods.

We enter into talent agreements with every member of the talent network. Through these agreements, Ask Esquare obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by the talent that works with you. We then provide you the required intellectual property for the work that the talent creates under our client agreements. This clean, simple, pass-through arrangement will definitely work well for our clients for many years. However, if you would like the experts to enter in direct agreements with you to effect the direct transfer of IP properties, we can definitely work with you and ensure that the needs are met.

The staff augmentation model definitely offers a lot of promising opportunities for businesses. Firstly, you can acquire the resources exactly which you need.

Imagine, you need a specific technology to build some particular module or features for your software product. Your in-house team members don’t possess this specific knowledge and skills, and it will surely take lots of time to study those. You would probably search for an expert in this technology to join your team and they will help you develop the solutions. However, you can further understand that you don’t need this person to work permanently with you. Augmenting staff externally becomes a perfect fit to hire experienced developers for limited periods of time. They complete the jobs and you will pay precisely for what they’ve done.

We typically invoice our clients twice a month, though some flexibility is definitely offered there.

We’ll need around 2-4 weeks to hire the candidates from our recruitment pipeline. It will take us 1-2 weeks for finding people in the market. Overall, our hiring process can last up to 21 business days which is twice shorter than if you were hiring with the help of a traditional recruiting agency.

Absolutely, you can. We send test assignments to candidates. The tasks can be prepared by specialists from the client’s side as well as by our tech team leads or senior specialists with regard to your project specifics. Usually, it takes approximately 3-4 days to send, complete, check, and give feedback on the completed test.

Of course, our clients are present on interviews and their questions are welcome. An interview between a client and a candidate is held once candidates are shortlisted. So, you don’t need to speak to a great number of people. It saves time and provides a clearer picture of potential team members.

One of the key staff augmentation processes is to define how you will communicate with the new team members. So, we prepare a well-structured communication plan, including the preferred communication channels and hours, and agree on it with you.

As mentioned, we take care of both our clients and employees as we understand all the negative effects of employee attrition for software development projects. Thus, we develop special benefit programs, sign-on bonuses, referral programs, sick leave, and vacation policies, personal development plans, and much more to ensure the most comfortable working environment.

We go to every possible length to ensure that this does not happen. At Esquare, we completely understand that dependability has an utmost importance. We take measures to ensure that availability and reliability should become a top priority for our experts. However, in the extremely unlikely circumstance that such a situation arises, Ask-Esquare will have a backup option for resources so that your business does not get impacted.

While we currently do not supply these services, we have plans to offer them in future.

Focus on your core business while we do the rest for you!

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